1. disorderliness, disarray, displacement, dislocation, disarrangement, disorganization; dishevelment, untidiness, clutter, mess, heap, huddle; hash, hodge-podge, mishmash, jumble, scramble, tangle; mix-up, snafu, Inf. foul-up, Sl. ball-up, Brit. Sl. balls-up.
2. confusion, confusedness, muddle, Inf. guddle, imbroglio; unsettledness, discomposure, disconcertment, agitation, perturbation, upset; discord, disunion, disquiet, unrest, ferment, upheaval, storm; turmoil, tumult, tumultuousness, turbulence, tempest; breach of peace, public disturbance, disruption, minor uprising, riot; chaos, confusion, anarchy, pandemonium, bedlam, brouhaha, melee, free-for-all, fracas, rumpus; broil, brawl, fray, row, struggle, fight, scuffle, Inf. ruckus; clamor, uproar, hubbub, hullabaloo, din, fuss, excitement, commotion, flurry, Inf. to-do.
3. ailment, malady, complaint, illness, sickness, indisposition, affliction, disease; derangement, mental disorder, neurosis, psychosis, insanity.
4. missarrange, put out of place, misplace, displace, dislocate, move out of place; throw into disorder, disarray, dishevel, tumble, tousle, Chiefly Scot. Dial. touse; mess or mess up, muss or muss up, ruffle or ruffle up, rumple or rumple up; turn upside down, Inf. turn topsy-turvy, make a shambles of; clutter, litter, scatter or strew objects about.
5. unsettle, discompose, shake or shake up, disconcert, perturb; upset, agitate, distress, trouble; disturb, disrupt; confuse, mix or mix up, shuffle, jumble, scramble; muddle, snafu, fuddle, Brit. Sl. muzz, snarl, tangle, Sl. ball up; bungle, spoil, upset the apple cart, throw a monkey wrench into the works, sabotage, Sl. foul up, Sl. bollix up, Sl. screw up.
6. derange, incapacitate, throw out of gear, indispose; weaken, devitalize, disable, invalidate; enfeeble, debilitate, invalid, sicken.

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